Just use common sense ...

We know you've heard it over and over, but with modern ridesharing, drinking and driving just isn't worth the risk. However, as anyone who has had a few drinks knows, sometimes our decision making is a bit impaired after a few craft brews, we get a little more confident, and we come up with some creative ways – not using a car – to either sober up or get ourselves home. Sure, you're not driving per se – you already know better than that – but if you're not careful, you can still get a DUI and here's how:

Riding a horse. 

In 2013, FOX 31 reported that a man in Boulder was arrested, and charged, for riding his horse while under the influence. The man claimed he couldn't find his driver's license and instead decided to ride his horse to his brother's wedding in Utah. Not sure how he was planning on doing that, you know, since driving on I-70 is crazy enough.  

Riding a bicycle 

According to Colorado state law, a bicycle is considered to be a vehicle just like a car or SUV, so if you've been "suckin' back on grandpa's ole' cough medicine," you could end up in court. 

Sitting in your car with the intent to drive

That's right, you can actually receive a DUI if it can be proved that you were attempting to drive. That means if you're sitting in your car with the keys in the ignition, even if you're just warming it up, that could be enough to constitute an attempt to drive. 

Other motorized vehicles being operated on the road

Whether it's a tractor, a lawnmower, or you're taking your buddy's Segway out for a spin, most jurisdictions consider a vehicle to be any device that can transport people or goods by its own power or mechanical means on public roadways. Now, it can get a little grey with some things, such as one of those hoverboard toys, but if it's left up to the judge, the chances are if you're posing a risk to yourself or the public you could be charged.

And that probably the case with Paul Hutton, an Englishman and former RAF aeronautical engineer, who lost his license when he was caught driving a pink Barbie Power Wheels after a few pints in Essex.

With that said, just use common sense and take an Uber/Lyft or walk home. Also, did you notice how we didn't include skiing? Well, that's covered under a different set of laws which we already wrote about!

What are your thoughts? Do you know of any ridiculous DUI stories? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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