Fitness is a journey best traveled one day at a time.

On the first day of every year, many people set out to achieve incredible fitness goals as a part of their New Year's resolutions. While it's wonderful and admirable to decide to make changes, it's also common to get discouraged when the expected outcomes don't necessarily happen overnight. 

So many people quit before they've even begun. The gym's robust numbers of attendees at the beginning of January are dwindling by the end of December. And the reason? My best guess is that those lofty expectations and those high hopes (which are wonderful and formed with the best of intentions) seem so far off sometimes that people think, "Why bother?"

But believe me -- you can achieve your goals. 

Get that vision in your head of where you want to be. Are you looking for lean muscle? Cardio and low weight/high rep. Are you looking for bulk? High weight/low rep. Get your system together (whatever it may be), set it in the future, and then focus on the moment. 

How does one get through hard times in life? One moment at a time.

How does one climb a mountain? One step at a time.

How does one get fit? One day at a time.

And -- how does one get through a difficult workout? One rep at a time. 

This is honestly a mental trick that has helped me tremendously in my own fitness journey. When I focus on the moment, I don't psyche myself out about the overwhelming goals I have.

Don't let your goals, ironically, be the thing that keeps you from succeeding. 

Learn to celebrate little victories, and don't give up on yourself when you fail. Get back up and start again. You will likely make mistakes: you will likely eat something you shouldn't have or miss a few days at the gym here and there when you were scheduled to go. 

Stick this out. Keep chugging no matter what. Forget 2019, and think about how you can be better today.

You've got this! 

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