There ain’t no party like a PowerPoint Party, 'cause a PowerPoint Party don’t stop!

Want to make a PowerPoint presentation ... for fun?

Apparently, PowerPoint parties are a thing, and more and more people are doing them, especially as of late. 

Under normal circumstances, these are parties where every attendee shows up with a 3-minute presentation prepared. Sometimes, the topic is very specific; other times, it's broad and rather vague. Partygoers present their work, then one is voted the best presentation. However, in today’s coronavirus reality, these parties are being held virtually and becoming a way people of all ages can connect and cope with not being able to see each other in-person.

A group of teenagers from Texas shared with The Atlantic’s Friendship Files that they were using the PowerPoint parties for those exact reasons. Their topics ranged from ranking Disney princesses to a presentation on Parks and Recs characters and more. They found it led to some interesting conversations and gave them something they enjoyed doing, and most importantly, allowed them to interact with friends and classmates they find themselves missing.

Inspired by this idea, we wanted to see what people are presenting—and the internet, as usual, did not disappoint. Here's a quick rundown of what people are presenting in these virtual PowerPoint parties:

We love pasta, and this one looks good ... now we need a snack.

Wait ... Will has an actual rooster?

We must admit, our curiosity is peaked at a presentation about nothing.

Dual-flush toilets, you say?

Yes, fanfiction is awesome!

It really, really wasn't ...

Of course, Daelen won. Do you see this presentation?

Interesting. You have our attention. 

We will probably all reach this point eventually. 

As you can see, people are having a lot of fun with these!

Have you participated in one of these PowerPoint parties? What would your list of topics include? Sound off in the comments!