A winter storm on the east coast has jammed up air travel for the next 24 hours. If you’re stuck in Denver, head to Union Station.

If you’ve been at a conference all week, you’re out of clean clothes, and tired of going out to dinner with your peers in what seems like some sort awkward extended meeting. You’re just fine where you’re at, you don’t have to do anything. DIA is surprisingly accommodating with airport versions of a few of Denver’s finest restaurants, a lot of interesting artwork, and a large Westin hotel. However, if you’re like me, and you want make the most of getting stuck somewhere. This is what I would do - head to Union Station. [gallery ids="10087,10088,10089,10090"] The first thing you will probably notice is that DIA is nowhere near downtown Denver. So the first step is to hop on the RTD A line just outside of the main terminal. It’s a nine dollar ride to the epicenter of everything ‘hip’ in Denver - Union Station. When you arrive, you may not make it past Union Station. You’ll quickly notice that everyone coming to Union Station is there for some type of occasion. People will be sporting their finest outdoor - yet somehow acceptable in the office - garb, drinking craft cocktails, playing shuffleboard, and eating at the surrounding small-plate restaurants. If you’re pretty well off, you can stay at the Crawford Hotel and park there for the night. Now if that’s your scene you’re set, but if it were me, I’d hitch a ride over to My Brother’s Bar - not to be confused with It’s Brothers - have a burger with a few beers and relish in the fact that famed author Jack Kerouac and counter culture icon Neal Cassidy used to get sloppy here. They even have a copy of a letter Neal wrote to Jack when he was incarcerated, and it’s rumored that Cassidy still has a running tab there. Couple that with great food, classical music, friendly staff, and this old bar will take care of you. For the old souls and music junkies out there, get your medicine - yes it’s everywhere - and sample some live Jazz at El Chapultepec. It’s right in the LoDo area in the vicinity of Union Station, and is a historic Denver Jazz joint. Yes it’s divey, yes it’s out of place, but it was good enough to warrant a visit from Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton. And if for some reason you’re there early in the morning, Union Station is right by Coors Field. So when you’re sipping coffee at one of the many coffee shops, don’t waste time looking at Facebook! Look at times to take a tour of Coors field or better yet, if you’ve got time, catch a game!
Lastly, I’ve got to give you foodies a tip. Denver is rapidly evolving from a restaurant standpoint, and if you want to eat where Anthony Bourdain and Frank Bonanno bonded over some munchies you’ll have to head over to Larimer St. Bonanno owns and operates Osteria Marco, a seemingly reasonably priced restaurant sporting slightly unconventional Italian fare. Other notable restaurants are making a stir over there too, but watch your tab! By this time, it’s probably time to head back to DIA, and you’ve probably got a few new places in mind for next time. So let us know what grabs your eye!

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