New little one will join mom, dad, and sister in late February or early March!

The Denver Zoo confirmed on Dec. 20 that it has a new baby on the way. Charlotte, a 23-year-old Linne's two-toed sloth, is expecting a baby in late winter. 

"Charlotte’s pregnancy has been closely monitored by our animal care and veterinary medical teams with regular ultrasounds, checkups, and weigh-ins to ensure she and her baby are healthy and gaining the appropriate amount of weight," the zoo said in a statement

The little one will join her big sister, Baby Ruth, who was born on January 28, 2018. The sloth family's habitat is currently in the Bird World exhibit. 

Baby sloths are born weighing about 10 to 13 ounces and measuring 10 inches long. They hide in their mom's fur and cling there while nursing for about the first month. They spend about nine months with their mom before they start heading out on their own. 

"Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to Denver Zoo on YouTube for the latest updates on Charlotte and our sloth family, including when the new baby is born and when you can expect to see it. In the meantime, get your sloth fix by visiting Baby Ruth in her Bird World habitat," related the zoo. 

Linne's two-toed sloths are found in South American rainforests and sleep between 15 to 20 hours a day (I'm officially jealous). They are only active for about an hour after sunset and two hours before sunrise. Two-toed sloths live for about 20 years in the wild and around 30 to 40 years in zoos. While these specific sloths are not considered endangered, one species of the animal, the pygmy three-toed, are critically endangered.

While you wait for the new baby to arrive, check out this Facebook video of sister Baby Ruth at about two months old as she played with her mom, Charlotte.

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