Bring your reading home with these books about Virginia!

Looking for more summer reading? Here are four books set in the state of Virginia. Add them to your "To Be Read" pile now!

Hidden History of Alexandria, D.C.

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Author: Michael Lee Pope

Did you have any idea that Alexandria was once a part of the District of Columbia? We didn't either! Learn more about it in Pope's book, Hidden History of Alexandria, D.C.! Pope explores a part of 19th-century Virginia history that has been largely forgotten!

The Taste of Country Cooking

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Author: Edna Lewis

Learn about some good, old Southern cooking recipes with Lewis' The Taste of Country Cooking! Lewis crafts menus for the four seasons that focus on the unique cooking she experienced while growing up in the Piedmont farming community in Virginia that had been settled by freed slaves. You'll gain some new recipes to spice up some meals in your family while learning about the important role that food had in Lewis' family and life!

The Bedford Boys

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Author: Alex Kershaw

Step back into 1944 with The Bedford Boys! Kershaw depicts the sacrifice of 22 boys from Bedford, Virginia, as they died fighting in World War II. Through Kershaw's use of diaries, letters, and interviews with loved ones, you'll get to know these incredible men who made a great sacrifice for their country!

Shotgun Justice: One Prosecutor's Crusade Against Crime & Corruption in Alexandria & Arlington

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Author: Michael Lee Pope

Delve into a world of crime in early 1900s Virginia with Shotgun Justice: One Prosecutor's Crusade Against Crime & Corruption in Alexandria & Arlington! Pope investigates the 1903 commonwealth attorney, Crandal Mackey, who grabbed a shotgun and an axe-wielding group of people to fight crime in Virginia. You'll definitely speed through this read!

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