People actually showed up to Area 51 this morning to raid the base. Here are our favorite tweets about it.

What began as a joke Facebook page quickly grew into a real event that we didn't think would actually happen. Over the summer, millions of people joined the "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" Facebook group, sharing their plans of how they were going to meet up at the highly protected Nevada base on Friday, September 20, and charge it with energy-drink-fueled "Naruto Runs."

Members of the group expected to "get them aliens" and discover the base's hidden secrets. 

No one expected people to actually show up to the base, but today, it turns out that they actually have. Thousands of people are storming the gates expecting to get in and "save ET from the government." The news that people actually arrived at Area 51 has quickly taken storm on Twitter, so we decided to compile the best tweets we've seen: 

1. There were plenty of people who were shocked that people actually showed up. We are, too. 

2. Yes, send videos.  

3. Clandestine operation at its best.  

4.  We can't believe it either. 

5. Practice makes perfect. #NarutoRun

6. We'll have what he's having. 

7. #Area51Legends 

8. I mean, yeah. It's ET! 

9. First rule of Fight Club! 

10. Sorry, aliens, we are just helping you out!  

11.  (*Waits patiently*)

12.  The aliens are saved!

13. You're not alone, Jen.  

 14. Area 51 has the good stuff!

15.  Same.

16.  Who has spare plane tickets ... asking for a friend. 

17.  A funny joke though!

18.  What every guard is thinking right now!

19. We didn't get ours either! 

20. #Savethemaliens. 

No one actually expected people to show up to raid Area 51, but alas, they did! 

 Are you at the Area 51 raid? Do you know anyone that went to the event? Do you think people will find aliens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!