Dog + month's worth of crab cakes = bliss.

Just imagine the best day of your life and then amp it up by like 100! The Maryland SPCA has a dog up for adoption that has become famous overnight after a Twitter post was shared thousands of times! 

"Steak'Umm" was brought to the Maryland SPCA as a stray and was simply looking for love! When staff posted his story to Twitter, he broke the internet. That's when Jimmy's Seafood stepped in and pledged to generously offer free crab cakes, for an entire month, to the person who adopts him! 

In even better news, his adoption and ID package fees have been paid in full by a generous donor, so you just need to fill out the adoption application, answer a few questions, and take him home! 

The tweets have been shared thousands of times and have received plenty of attention!

See the Twitter conversations below: 

Just look at his sweet face! Steak'Umm has been described as amazing ever since he arrived at the shelter – he has been very friendly with the staff, loves belly rubs, and gives out his fair share of hugs! Yes, you heard that right, he loves to give hugs!


Just look at him posing for the camera! 


Someone, please go and adopt this boy! Check him out on Facebook and the Maryland SPCA website!

Do you love dogs and crab cakes? Will you consider him for adoption? Tell us in the comments!