You can't eat this candle, but it will make your house smell like KFC's signature gravy!

Candle makers have been all over the place coming up with some crazy scents -- from dill pickle, gun powder, and man cave (yes, that's real). But have you ever wanted your whole house to smell finger-licking good? If so, then you're in luck because KFC has taken it one step further and created a signature gravy-scented candle.

KFC made only 230 candles to be released in a sweepstakes on a first come-first served basis.


The Gravy Candle. Yes. A KFC Gravy scented candle. And you could win one - Link in Bio

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This isn't KFC's first scented candle announcement -- Back in 2016, KFC made a fried chicken-scented candle (the perfect addition to any diet), and then in 2017, they released fried chicken-scented bath bombs so you could bathe in 11 herbs and spices. Most recently, they rolled out a firelog that literally sold out before we at Our Community Now could even write up an article about it!

To go along with the sweepstakes this year, KFC has issued the KFC Chill Experience where you can listen to the sounds of the KFC Mega Gravy Box -- just choose between frying chicken, falling fries, and simmering gravy. The perfect white noise!

If you happen to miss out on the sweepstakes, here is a short instructional video on how to make your own candles. I'm sure you could figure out a way to incorporate the gravy scent! 

Courtesy of Standley Handcrafted

Enter the sweepstakes here.

What are your thoughts on KFC's limited-edition gravy candle? Is KFC crazy or genius? Let us know in the comments below!

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