Oh, how things have changed ...

In a survey conducted by Harris Poll for LEGO, children from the United States, United Kingdom, and China, along with their parents, were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up—and it turns out that more kids responded with "professional YouTuber" rather "astronaut," which was a fairly typical response that many of us gave when we were kids back in the day. And oh, how things have changed ...

LEGO's survey asked 3,000 children and 326 parents who have children between ages 5 and 12. Overall, about 30 percent of the children who responded reported that they wanted to be a professional YouTuber, while about 11 percent said they wanted to be an astronaut. Things broke down a little differently depending on the area of the world the children live in, as seen below. 

Top 5 Career Aspirations for Children in the United States and the United Kingdom 

  1. Vlogger/YouTuber
  2. Teacher
  3. Professional athlete
  4. Musician
  5. Astronaut

Top 5 Career Aspirations for Children in China

  1. Astronaut
  2. Teacher
  3. Musician
  4. Professional athlete
  5. Vlogger/YouTuber

Watch our Parental Composure podcasters discuss the survey results here:

Overall, 86 percent of kids had an interest in going to space and 90 percent wanted to learn more about the cosmos. When asked which careers are part of exploring space, 90 percent answered astronaut, almost 60 percent said Eengineer, and 52 percent said computer programmer. Only 7 percent saw farmers or gardeners as essential roles to learn about living and traveling in space.

The survey also asked a few other questions, like "if humans might one day live in outer space or on another planet?", which three of four kids overall believed would happen.

LEGO works with children and educators around the world to offer innovative and exploratory options for learning. The company planned to send 50 children to NASA Space Camp in 2020 as part of an educational partnership with Scholastic.

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