After 85 years, Lacoste will be (temporarily) changing its crocodile logo to endangered species in support of the International Union for Conservation.

Say goodbye to the iconic crocodile logo on Lacoste polo shirts. At least for a little while ... The famous brand will be replacing the logo with 10 endangered species in support of the International Union for Conservation (IUCN), which is launching the "Save Our Species" campaign to help fight extinction. [caption id="attachment_34400" align="aligncenter" width="850"]lacoste Courtesy of Lacoste[/caption] There will be 10 limited-edition polo shirts with endangered animals on them, including the Sumatran Tiger, the Javan Rhino, and the Norther Sportive Lemur, among others. You can check out all 10 endangered species on Lacoste's website. Each polo shirt costs $185 and were produced in extremely limited quantities. So if you'd like one of these IUCN polos, then you'd best buy one as soon as you can, because they're going fast!
You can participate in the campaign by purchasing a shirt, posting on social media with the hashtag #LacosteSaveOurSpecies, and donating to IUCN. What do you think of Lacoste's efforts to help IUCN? Have you purchased one of the limited-edition polo shirts? Let us know in the comments below, and let's get the conversation started. Also, tell us in the comments below if there are other organizations or businesses that are fighting extinction for endangered animals.

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