There's (arguably) no worse chore than laundry! That's why we hunted down some of the best laundry hacks to make life easier.

Chores are awful, and doing laundry is one of the worst ones. Not only is it a pain to try and fold things in a way that won't wrinkle or crease, but trying to remove stubborn stains can be downright frustrating. There's the issue of making your clothes last. We've found some great laundry hacks you can do before, during and after laundry time to help keep your clothes clean and fresh for their whole life.

Use White Bread to Remove Lipstick

laundry hacks There's nothing worse than getting a lipstick stain on your shirt, but this laundry hack can help! Cut off the crust, wad the soft center into a ball, and then blot the lipstick stain. This should get off the bulk of the staining, and anything that's left should come out in the washer.

Remove Grass Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

laundry hacks They may be the perfect sign of summer, but no one wants grass stains sticking around forever. Mix two tbsp hydrogen peroxide with one tbsp of dish soap and stub at the stain for the best treatment.

Baby Powder is Great on Grease

laundry hacks How is it that everyone seems to have baby powder laying around? The good news is, you can use it on grease stains! Brush some powder over the stain, wipe off the excess, and let the powder sit for a few minutes. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Spritz a Shirt with Vinegar to Make it Last Longer Between Washings

laundry hacks Sometimes, a little fresh air can make all the difference. Spritz your shirt with a 1:1 mixture of water and white vinegar, and then hang it outside to air-dry. If you don't want to actually hang it outside, you can hang it by an open window or in a spacious closet, as long as it has room to breathe and dry properly.

Scent Your Laundry Without Expensive Products

laundry hacks Where laundry hacks are concerned, something that makes doing laundry better and also saves you money is as good as it gets. Want scented clothes without buying an expensive and often overwhelming product? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spa bottle of water and spritz your clothes right before you wash them.

Use Baking Soda Instead of Bleach

laundry hacks Bleach can wreak havoc on your clothes -- use baking soda instead! Add between 1/2 and one cup of baking soda to the load and watch your whites shine again.

Keep All Your Socks Together

laundry hacks Use lingerie bags to keep each family member's socks together! No more mismatched pairs, and no more lost socks! Fun tip: you can also use lingerie bags for stuffed animals, provided they don't have a music box or talking box inside.

Use a Fluffy Towel to Dry Your Clothes Faster

laundry hacks Throw a dry, fluffy towel into the dryer with your clothes; it'll help absorb water. Just be sure to pull it out after about 15 minutes so it doesn't create more work for the dryer.

Conditioner Can Save Shrunken Clothes

laundry hacks You can read the full tutorial here. Basically, you just have to soak the shrunken item in lukewarm water with hair conditioner for a few minutes.

Mix Fabric Softener and Water to Make Wrinkle Spray

laundry hacks Diluting some fabric softener in water will create a great anti-wrinkle spray. Your mix should be one part fabric softener to 10 parts water. Which laundry hacks will you be trying? Which ones do you already use? Tell us your laundry secrets in the comments below!

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