In solidarity with health care workers, a London man live-streamed himself clapping for 24 hours straight.

In New York City, countless videos depict people hanging out of balconies or standing on their porches to clap in unison every night as a show of support for essential workers (since you know, we can't leave our houses). New York is a densely populated city, so this doesn't work in all areas, but numerous neighborhoods around the world have adopted this uplifting (if not a little dystopian) routine to show our appreciation and help us feel that we are still together. Some neighborhoods even howl at the moon. (🤷‍♂️)

One man in the United Kingdom was really, really, committed. In fact, he was so committed that he was not content to clap for just the allotted period ritual at 8 p.m (as part of a campaign called Clap for Our Careers), but he insisted on doing so for 24 hours straight. The man, Joe Peagam, announced his effort in a GoFundMe campaign, then live-streamed the event on Facebook.

With the help of over 400 donors, the campaign raised £8,085 (the equivalent of almost $10,000 U.S.) for NHS Charities Together, an association of Britain's National Health System Charities.

Peagam wrote in an update to his GoFundMe campaign:

"Well… I did it. I clapped for 24 hours straight. People told me it was physically impossible, or that I was crazy. Yes maybe I am a bit crazy lol, but I was determined to embrace the challenge... It was physically painful, mentally draining and exhausting, but if the NHS are working 24 hours a day to save us then clapping for 24 hours to raise money seemed a small price for what they do and see day and night."

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness this week? It looks like even clapping can go a long way—$10,000, to be exact.