If you've always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper (or at least pretend to be one), this may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

An introvert's paradise? An ideal base for deep sea diving? A dreamy writing studio? Whatever you want to call it, the United States government is auctioning off the 144-year-old Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station in Chesapeake Bay, and get this: bids for the lighthouse start at a measly $15,000. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="3080,3086"] Located about two miles offshore, the lighthouse will definitely need some work on the interior, which was (at one point) open to the elements and home to nesting birds. But originally, the cylindrical keeper quarters contained a surrounding gallery deck, kitchen, sitting room, two bedrooms, and a wooden, circular stairway that "leads from the dwelling space to the smaller cylindrical watchroom, which is surmounted by the ten-sided lantern room." Yes, please.
Only the structure will be conveyed in the sale.  No land will be conveyed.  The underlying land will remain in government ownership. The buyer will be obligated to acquire and maintain a right of occupancy accordingly," the auction site states.
But if you're lacking lighthouse keeper experience on your resume, not to worry: no lighting duties are required due to an automated flashing beacon. Just be prepared that in addition to the cost of interior restoration, the buyer will need to be prepared to first build an access point or dock to make it more accessible -- thus making restoration more do-able. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="3085,3084,3083,3082"] The historic lighthouse was first commissioned in 1873, and you can read its full history here. Bidding ends on September 15, so scrape those dollars together in a hurry and get your bid in soon! Click here for more information!

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