You've decided that 2019 is your year to get out there and meet someone. When better than right at the beginning of March Madness? Here are some pickup lines to help you get started.

"I think Yale is going all the way."

This one will be met with stares and possibly some laughter. Stick to your guns though, and read up on a couple of key players.

Yale basketball

Courtey of Yale University

"Whelp, there goes my bracket."

You'll probably end up saying this one at some point anyway, but make sure to use it at an appropriate time. Halfway through Week 2 is NOT that time. Save this one for the last few weeks and make sure you can talk about why your bracket is blown, otherwise your cover will be, too. Follow it up with a well-timed "Dang it, Duuuuuuuke!" and you'll probably get a few high fives.

"How about a little defense, amirite?"

Again, you'll have to be careful about the timing on this one, but make sure someone just scored.


"Woohooo! We're going all the way, baby!"

You'll have to make sure and direct this at someone who is 1) watching the same game you are and 2) seems to be rooting for the same team. 

If you're already into basketball, you didn't need this list anyway, so good for you. If you're a complete basketball noob, here are some things NOT to say:

"Duke/Gonzaga/UVA is going dowwwwwnnnnnn."

These perennial favorites have rabid followings and you're going to have to follow this one up with some major trash talking. Be prepared to fight if you pull this one out!


Courtesy of Duke Men's Basketball

"OMG, that mascot is SO cute, I totally should have picked them for my bracket thingie!"

Okay... wait... this one will definitely get you noticed so keep it in your back pocket for emergencies only.


Do you have a favorite March Madness pickup line? Lay it on us in the comments below!

Here's a list of times when those game thingies will be on TV.