From wood floors to a personal pool, this home has a lot to offer. Get this Frederick mansion for just $1.8 million. 

This 5-bed, 8-bath spacious home is built for a queen! With a total of 6,275 square feet, the colonial single-family home at 2016 Dixon Road, in Frederick, Maryland, backs up to a beautiful and private woods with a view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Take a look inside:

Talk about kitchen goals! The color scheme is really what sets this kitchen apart -- the combination of the white and tan wood cabinets with the granite defines the aesthetic appeal. I feel soothed and comforted while looking at this kitchen. It features granite counter tops, a floating island, and plenty of prepping space. 

Talk about living room goals! You get the perfect place to put your TV, a view of the pool, and plenty of natural light!

If we said the other room is perfect, check out this one. The gorgeous architecture really stands out -- the fireplace is obviously the focal point. 

I could live in this closet -- just look at how large it is! You won't have to feel guilty about stocking up on clothes with this much space. Just keep doing you. 

Okay, hold the phone -- this bathroom meets every demand! The brightly lit space is perfect for getting ready in the mornings. Come home after a long day, plop in some bubbles, and take a relaxing bath to unwind. 

If you really want to amp up your relaxation style, take a gander at this gorgeous backyard. This is a pool I would swim in every day! Gather all of your family and friends and have yourself a relaxing get-together -- just don't forget the jams! This is what dreams are made of.

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This home's rustic yet modern design will make you feel like you live in an upgraded castle! For more information, check out the home's full listing.

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