For only $3,599,000 you can live in a painted canvas on the water.

The property is just minutes away from the Ocean City Boardwalk so you can party any time -- just like out of a movie! Sporting five bedrooms and five baths in a total of 6,050 square feet, you could call this unique abode yours for a little over $3.5 million.

The best part about this house is that it's split up into two sections -- the main house and the second living space, which are separated by a glass hallway. And this place has amenities galore (think gym, a second master, and guest suites). 

Take a look at this sleek and stylish kitchen! There are lots of shiny steel appliances. 

What a nice space -- it even comes with a comforting wall of faces to guard you while you watch TV. 

Is this not a beautiful sleeping space? All that white with just a splash of color. And, um, 360 degrees of curtains?

Just wait: the house comes with different colored bathrooms to match your mood for the day.

Except, all those square tiles remind me of my middle school locker room. Eh.

This is the best room in the house. There's a man you can punch, and he won't say anything about it! (Please note: OCN does not support violence of any kind.)

Why are we parking bikes on the marble floor? Oh, wait: Maybe because the sports car's taking up the garage?

Your own private boardwalk to the pool, a gorgeous view, and a fake fire in the firepit. 

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In all seriousness, this home is a masterpiece and needs to be purchased now! You can find this property at 12933 Old Bridge Rd., Ocean City, MD 21842. You can check out the listing here!

Do you see yourself living here? Is this the home of your dreams? Let us know in the comments below. 

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