With a price tag of only $7.6 million, this Maryland estate shines -- in more ways than just one. 

Sitting just minutes away from the Potomac River, this Gaithersburg home boasts (count them!) eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms over 18,422 square feet, with a mere 34.8 acres of property thrown in as well. 

The best part about this mansion is that it comes equipped with a different design in almost every room and every amenity you can think of -- think: ballroom, spa, theatre, and more!

Take a look inside:

Oh, what: You mean your kitchen doesn't have its own chandelier? You poor impoverished swine!

The lavender and gold touches suit this room -- reminds me a little of a dollhouse. 

What on earth could you do with eight bedrooms? 

This bathroom comes equipped with all the essentials -- even a little statue to stand guard while you bathe! But honestly, that shiny marble floor looks like an accident just waiting to happen.

Oh, look! A chandelier in your bathroom! #sparkly

"My wine cellar smells of rich mahogany."

As if the mansion isn't already fabulous, you get to walk out back to find this! Basically, you're not merely a "homeowner" with this place -- You're "lord of the manor."

Whip up a cool refreshing beverage after swimming on a hot day -- we recommend a mojito!

**All Photos Courtesy of Zillow.com

All jokes aside, you get a lot of home for a little price tag so you should consider checking out this house. This gorgeous home can be found at 15325 Masonwood Dr. Gaithersburg, MD 20878. Check out the listing here!

Do you see yourself taking a chance on this property? Do you think it's a great deal? Tell us in the comments. 

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