Priced at only $3.9 million, this home comes with a shocking surprise.

For only $15,000 a month, you can own a home that will shock your guests as they walk from room to room. The home sports eight beds and 14 baths (wait, what?) and15,149 square feet.

The enormous property sits on a corner lot surrounded by bushes so you don't have to see your pesky neighbors -- plenty of privacy.  

Take a look inside:

You mean your kitchen doesn't come with two gas top burners? You poor thing -- cooking must be really hard for you. 




floral print bedroom


floral print bedroom


floral print bedroom


floral print bedroom

I swear it's like she knitted these walls (and the ceiling!) herself. 

The word you're looking for is "overwrought."

A normal bedroom -- I'm not opposed to this baby blue; it's super soothing. 


Oh look: the bathroom comes equipped with curtains to swing right into the tub. (Insert Tarzan's scream.)

fancy bathroom

A random bar in the middle of the home is totally necessary!

wet bar

The house is not complete without a basketball court. 

basketball court

But, surprise! Your very own dungeon -- you can finally live out your fantasies. The fireplace has spoken -- "Here ye, here ye, the nights of the Round Table!" 

great backyard

Oh yes, grill me up some BBQ chicken, please! Wait, is that ... a pizza oven?

outdoor patio

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All jokes aside, this 1989 home possesses a lot of personal designs that should be recognized. There are also amenities galore! Think: gym, sauna, basketball court, swimming pool, and a pond! Located at 11408 Highland Farm Ct., in Potomac, Maryland, this stunning property is listed for $3.9 million. Check out the listing here!

How badly do you want to purchase this home? What would you use the dungeon for? Would you tear down the floral wallpaper or leave it as is? Tell us in the comments below. 

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