The doll is part of Mattel's "Black Label" Collection.

Mattel unveiled the Dia De Muertos Barbie doll in 2019, where it immediately sold out and became one of the year's top-sellers. Now she's back for 2020—and beyond!

The toy company announced this year's edition last week, with plans to make the "Day of the Dead"-inspired doll part of an annual series. Barbie has taken a lot of forms over the years, but this latest release is unlike any we've seen on the toy market, and we're here for it!

This year's doll encapsulates the lively spirit of the celebration, from her intricate calavera ("skull") face paint to the crown of marigolds and roses on her head. Her dress is a dreamy blush-pink that features tiny pearl details and skulls and roses on the front.

This is a totally different vibe from last year's, which sported a black frock printed with monarch butterflies, but both are beautifully crafted and authentically detailed. According to designer Javier Meabe, each doll will be designed to honor the traditional aspects of the holiday while also upgrading them for a fresh, modernized look.

"My hope for these dolls is that they're able to bring more awareness to the Dia de Muertos celebration. The Dia de Muertos celebration is very important because it honors and pays respect to family and friends that are no longer with us. It is such a beautiful tradition and I love that Barbie is now honoring the Dia de Muertos holiday," Meabe said in a statement.

The doll is "designed to honor the traditions, symbols, and offerings often seen throughout this time." Celebrated from October 31 to November 2, Dia De Muertos, or "Day of the Dead," pays remembrance to the lives of those no longer living. Each year, people come together through food, dance, and music to honor the memories of the deceased. Flowers, like roses and marigolds, feature prominently in the festivities.

The Dia De Muertos doll is part of the Black Label Collection, Mattel's premium line for adult collectors. Past collections have featured superheroes, celebrities, and historical figures like Sally Ride and Rosa Parks.

Meabe hopes the doll will expose more people to the holiday's rich cultural traditions, as well as empower young girls and women through cultural representation.

"I also know how important representation is in our community, and I wanted little girls to see themselves through this doll," Meabe said. "Barbie has always been a doll that celebrates women and dreams, and inspires girls. I am beyond grateful that Barbie is now celebrating traditions and cultures that mean so much to so many people."

The Dia De Muertos Barbie retails for $75 on Mattel's website and comes with a doll stand and certificate of authenticity. Due to the high demand, dolls are limited to only one per customer and plan to ship out on October 2. These will sell out fast, so we recommend ordering yours ASAP!

What do you think of Mattel's latest Barbie? Are there other cultural backgrounds you would like to see on a future Barbie doll? Let us know in the comments!