Charlene is a Maryland Walmart employee who has taken the internet by storm. Her expressionless face peers out from local posts about store specials, and the public just can't get enough.

Move over, YouTube creators and Instagram wannabe-models. There's a new sheriff in town, and her name is Charlene.

The North East location of Walmart has become a hotbed of activity thanks to their fun Facebook posts featuring this store associate with a decidedly blasé attitude. It's refreshing to see someone of a certain age instead of Photoshopped 20-somethings taking over their posts.

Need some new workout gear? Charlene has you covered. Her look clearly asks, "Do you even lift, bro?"

Admit it: Charlene makes a milk mustache look chic again. The classic pairing with the Oreos is simply inspired. Bravo!

Are you in the market for some new tires? Let Charlene show you what's on clearance!

Even the produce section is getting in on the Facebook action. Dollars to donuts, Charlene moved a whole lot of cabbage that day!

Locals are enjoying Charlene's no-nonsense attitude so much, they're making a point to stop by and take a picture with her. She takes it all in stride, as would any other gracious celebrity. Try not to swarm her with your requests though; she still has her work (and impromptu modeling) to do.

All of this social media buzz can take its toll; you take it easy, Charlene. You deserve it.

If you want to visit Charlene, and maybe even get a photo with her, head on over to the North East location of Walmart located at 75 North East Plaza in North East, Maryland. You can say "Cheese!" all you want, but don't expect a smile.

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