Sorry, folks: the earth wasn't at some magical angle that allows broomsticks to stand up on their own.

Every now and then, NASA has to put out a video to debunk some crazy "scientific" claim. The latest one is the infamous broomstick challenge.

In a nutshell, people were claiming that the space agency was publicizing a single day (February 10) during which you could stand a broom on its own because of the angle of the earth's axis, gravity, and a bunch of other smartypants stuff.

Turns out, it was a bunch of malarkey.

Nevertheless, all of the best celebrities were getting in on the action.

Does anyone remember this movie? (It's Breakin'.)

This challenge has clearly gone to the dogs.

Mothers and disgruntled roommates everywhere will all agree that one good thing came out of the broomstick challenge ...

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