Twitter ponders the very meaning of our existence by showing us that we might all just be cake. 

Wondering why your Twitter feed has been flooded with pictures of people cutting into everyday objects to see if they are made of cake? It makes zero sense, but it's happening—and it's happening right now. The posts are nothing short of amazing, with shots of everyday household items turning out to be very realistic looking cakes.

This has, for some reason, sparked the existential question to be put out to the Twitterverse: “If everything is cake, are we cake?”

The trend started when a video highlighting the hyper-realistic cake work of food artist Tuba Geckil was shared by the website Tasty. The video has been viewed on Twitter over 30 million times!

People cannot get over how real these cakes look, and the responses are everything from amazed to wacky. 



Some folks have tried their own hand at making super-realistic cakes: 

But others just cannot seem to get the hang of it ... 

And some people just want it to stop.

The complexity deepens when one takes a deeper look. If everything is cake, then what is cake? Do you see the dilemma? The mind can bend all sorts of ways to try and understand the Pandora's Box of complexities that line of thought opens. 

Could we all just be cake? Would life be easier as a cake? If one were a cake, would 2020 be less horrific? There are so many questions and not enough answers. The #cake trend is a welcome internet rabbit hole for anyone who might want to go there.