While Mike is out supporting his wife Kristin as she brings their little one into the world, we have a special guest with us! Keith Sawarynski joins Elise as they watch "Kid Fails" and respond with hilarious Mom/Dad reactions.

Welcome to the OCN Parental Composure Podcast, a no-nonsense look at some of the entertaining yet challenging aspects of parenting. Mike and Elise will discuss a variety of practical topics mixed in with some humor and, of course, parenting anecdotes. Listen, laugh, and learn while, hopefully, walking away with a renewed strength for facing another week as a parent in today's society.

In episode 10, Keith Sawarynski joins Elise as they watch "Kid Fails" and discuss the mischief their own kids have gotten into. At one point or another, all parents have experienced "kid fails", from falling to climbing, to biting the next-door neighbor. Our kiddos definitely keep us parents on our toes, but let's be honest, most of us have probably pulled out our phones and snapped a good blackmail shot for those teen years. How does the Mom react compared to the Dad? Watch or listen to our podcast to find out!

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