From our lovely contributors at This Mom S**t Is HARD! Here's why your family should take a break from electronics for a day.

I’ve had a long-standing love/hate relationship with electronics…more hate than love most of the time. And right now it's swinging towards hate.


Because electronics are ruining my summer.

Our family has been lucky enough to have an opportunity to spend eight weeks in Costa Rica this summer. An amazing opportunity to slow down, to have adventures, to connect with nature, to learn a bit of Spanish and to reconnect with each other.

I had visions of what this trip would be like, my kids spending their days outside, going to the beach and surfing, exploring the town and the neighboring ones on their beach bikes, playing in the pool, helping their dad, practicing some Spanish, reading a bit, maybe writing a blog post or two.

Boy, was I wrong. Sadly, that’s not quite what this summer has been. Yes, there have been some adventures, some family moments, but there’s also been something overshadowing it…an electronics war. We’re in this amazing place and all my kids want to do is sit inside and play video games.


You kids are killing me. But here’s a major part of the problem, guess who has to spend six hours a day staring at a screen?

Yep, their Mom, guilty as charged. You see, it’s that same screen that’a making me crazy that is allowing me to work remotely for these eight weeks and ultimately providing us with this amazing opportunity.

But they don’t see a difference, what they see is a Mom who is “playing” on electronics all day. A Mom who isn’t available to entertain them. And entertaining them has proven a challenge. A BIG one ...

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