Looking for the perfect Halloween costume that encapsulates the whole vibe of 2017? We've got you covered with these perfect 2017-themed Halloween costumes!

Of all years, 2017 is the PERFECT year to pull the classic pop-culture Halloween costume move. From social media snafus to the totally topical, there are plenty of options for you to knock it out of the park this year.

"Bad" Taylor:


Apparently, she can't come to the phone right now, because she's dead. There's a lot of inspiration you can pull from the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, but your best option is probably just throwing it back to your 2007 "emo phase" -- going heavy on the eyeliner and pretending you can rap.

A Trump Tweet:


Just grab some poster board and a bunch of stick on letters. Get creative! Maybe "invent" a word, or insult a nation's leader! Or just jumble all those letters up into an equally incoherent rant! Those newly increased 280 characters are your oyster! **BONUS POINTS** Slap on an American flag emoji.

Gay Babadook:


If you're familiar with the horror movie, but unfamiliar as to why the creature is gay, I'll break it down for you: Earlier this year, Netflix accidentally categorized the horror movie The Babadook under "LGBT" content. The gay internet community though this was hilarious, and the meme was born.

Wonder Woman:


Last year we were bombarded with a sea of basic ladies exploring their "bad" side by way of Harley Quinn. THIS YEAR be just as basic by slapping on those "metal" wristbands and lassoing in some super complements.

David S. Pumpkins:


So what if it's from last year! David S. Pumpkins will live forever ... Any questions?

Kendall's Shamed Can of Pepsi:


Much like the mindless Kardashian just doing what she was told, that poor can of Pepsi never asked to be a part of the ad campaign. Don't go the Kardashian route -- dress as the true victim of the situation: that poor shamed can of Pepsi.

Avocado Toast:


Single-handedly prevent millennials from being able to afford anything more than a studio apartment! There is nothing more terrifying than zero financial security, and you, my delicious avocado toast, are a grave reminder of that fear.

"Unfaithful Boyfriend" Meme:

halloween For those looking for a last minute costume, this one is super easy!! Continue to perpetuate the male bravado by asking a girl to hit that great Halloween party with you -- but spend the night checking out every other girl there!

Fyre Festival:

halloween The best way to execute this look? Hype up your Halloween ten-fold on Instagram and maybe get some local "models" to endorse your costume. Then, offer to be the DD for the night to all your friends. When Halloween strikes, don't wear any costume at all, and leave your friends stranded in a parking lot.

Keyboard Warrior:

[caption id="attachment_25002" align="aligncenter" width="460"]halloween knowyourmeme.com[/caption] How perfectly topical. Not only do things upset you, you have AT LEAST a run-on-paragraph's worth of opinions about it! Share them. Strap an old keyboard to your chest and proceed to chase people down and share your unsolicited, uninspired, half-baked opinions!


Our Expectations:

[caption id="attachment_25003" align="aligncenter" width="581"]halloween postgradprobs.com[/caption] We all thought 2016 was the worst year ever. But honestly, 2017 is pretty damn awful. How to pull this one off? Dress in all black and just be sad. What cynical representation of 2017 will you dress up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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