Get Fluffy dressed up in his best Christmas sweater and head to Petco for a portrait with Santa.

Pet parents, rejoice! Finally, there is an affordable pet photography option that benefits local animal charities. The good folks at The Petco Foundation are doing heavily discounted portrait sessions for your pooch (or friendly cat) with Santa Claus.

Event Details

WHEN: December 7, 14, and 15, 2019 | Dates and times may vary by store, so call first.
WHERE: Your local Petco store | Click here to find locations in your state.
COST: $9.95 per pet
WEBSITE: Petco Portraits with Santa


Here are some tips on preparing your pets for a photoshoot:

  • Bring treats. Anything that mesmerizes them with just the sound of the packaging (like American cheese) is good.
  • Make sure any clothes are comfortable and tag-free. You don't want to mess with a fussy dog right at camera time.
  • Be honest with yourself about your pet's disposition. Leave aggressive dogs at home, especially if you know they're not good with strangers. Santa is cool and all, but he's not a magic dog whisperer.
  • Bring along a favorite toy or two to capture your pet's attention. Things that squeak are great and often get that cocked-head expression.
  • Be okay with the results. If Poopsy just isn't feeling it, try again on your own at home. At least the money goes to a good cause.

After your photoshoot, make sure you share little Cujo's best picture on Instagram, using #santapawsforacause and tagging @petcofoundation for a chance to win awesome prizes.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of The Petco Foundation.

Will you be getting a pet portrait done this year? Are you going au naturel or do you have the perfect Christmas sweater picked out already? Let us know in the comments!