Take a break from your Pinterest bridal pages and look to the past to plan for your wedding day!

Big, extravagant weddings that cost thousands of dollars have become the norm in the 21st century. However, many bridal couples have found themselves cutting down their guest list and planning simpler weddings this year due to the coronavirus.

Simplified, smaller weddings can still be beautiful experiences for all involved. In fact, they can even cost less money! In previous generations, brides wore their best Sunday clothes instead of a big white gown, and family members prepared the food themselves instead of hiring a catering company.  

Weddings back in the day, no matter how simple they may seem to us now, were still filled with joy by both the bridal couple and family members. So, click through these photos provided by Digital Maryland and the Historical Society of Baltimore County to see if any of these Maryland weddings from the past inspire you for your wedding in the future! 

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