Accio, the Harry Potter Vans shoe!

Bloody hell! We have finally gotten a sneak peek into the Vans Harry Potter-themed shoes, and they are magical! Fans went crazy when Vans announced back in April that they will be collaborating with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring us a Harry Potter shoe collection. 

Followers of both franchises flew off their broomsticks from excitement and hoped they would not be doing 12 years in Azkaban while they waited for the shoes to be released. Luckily, we only had to wait a month!

Harry Potter gif

The official release date still has yet to be decided, so these photos will have to do in the meantime!

Here are the designs:

As we predicted, the shoes are house-themed representing each house's mascot and colors! Vans was also clever enough to include other designs with important symbols from the novels and movies like the Snitch, the Daily Prophet, Deathly Hollows, and Marauder's Map. 

Each Hogwarts house has a personalized design put onto one of the four basic Vans shoes: Gryffindor (Sk8-Hi), Ravenclaw (Authentic), Hufflepuff (Classic Slip-On), and Slytherin (Era)! 

Ahhhh! The designs are magical! Have a look for yourself! 

Vans House Shoes

Here are the others:

First up, the Snitch! I am loving the design! You can fly around with these bad boys on your feet – it's hard to go unnoticed in these! 

Snitch Harry Potter Shoe

The Marauder's Map design will reveal all the secrets of the collaboration (we hope)! Be sure to say "mischief managed" when you are done wearing these or else they will keep revealing your location!

Marauders Map Shoe

These bad boys will slyther-in to your life! Since the mascot is a snake, it's only fitting that the shoes have snakeskin! I can't get over how cool these are!

Slytherin Shoe

This spell-binding design represents everything magical about the stories! They contain favored symbols from the iconic glasses with the lighting bolt to Dobby's face (RIP, little one)! I wonder if the sorting hat will work its magic and sort you into your house when you put these on?

Deathly Hollows

Feast your feet on the Dark Mark and profess your loyalty to The Dark Lord himself (*Shivers* Voldemort)! Will you be loyal to your master now?

Dark Mark

These speak for themselves ... literally!

Daily Prophet

Are these blue and silver checkerboards or the Ravenclaw colors? I can't tell! Are they house-approved? 


Most Harry Potter fans are like this right now: 

Snape clapping

Whatever design you choose to wear (besides your house colors) every day you will be Dumblin' your way into Hogwarts! Are you as excited as I am for these?

**All photos courtesy of The Common Room

Which ones will you be ordering? What is your house? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!