Skip Vegas, We've Got Everything Right Here!

Weddings are always a huge ask -- I mean, do you want to ask your buddies to travel out of state and pick up your bar tab after they've already rented a suit, got a hotel close by, and are planning on giving up a perfectly golf-able or ski-able day to hang with your in-laws? Oh, and I forgot, they bought you things like a $70 'Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board' from Williams & Sonoma or that new bedding set you just couldn't live without. A member of the wedding party can easily spend $1-2 thousand (or more) depending, obviously, on their relation to the party. It's almost unavoidable, so why not stretch it as far as you can? Instead of paying to hop on a plane for a bachelor party, turn that travel budget into:

Go Karts or ATVs

Whether it's a bad knee, or they're not yet used to the altitude, not everyone can hike Colorado's backcountry. A good alternative is an ATV tour. And if that's too pricey, go-karts are a less expensive motorsports option – we recommend Overdrive Raceway in Colorado Springs because they have a bar. Overdrive is also great if someone in the party needs a hand-controlled kart!



Camping is an excellent, cost-effective option. Bring food, bring booze, bring a guitar and maybe a fishing rod, and don't do anything Mother Nature wouldn't approve of.


For an all-out party, just drive to Lake Powell, get a house-boat, and let the debauchery ensue. Just remember, you're way out there and there's no cell service, so don't do anything, well, dumb. If you don't want to go that far, Grand Lake is an excellent place to spend a day on the water.

Shooting Range

Looking for something to do during the day? Go down to DCF Guns in Castle Rock and put some lead down range. The best shot gets a shot ... later. They also have a variety of full-auto rentals you can try.

Music, Food & Beer Festivals

There's always music or food events going on in Denver, so why not grab some tickets and indulge?


Single malts and stogies go together like homemade cinnamon ice cream and apple pie, so head on down to the Brown Palace for some sippin' n' puffin'. Just respect smoking time for the holy meditative activity that it is.

Ax Throwing

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like. Bad Axe Throwing in Denver is a great place to get in touch with your inner lumberjack. Make sure you make a reservation.  

Scooter Tour

Don't laugh, you might actually learn something -- and it's a great way to scope out which bars you'll want to go to later.  


Rafting in Colorado is epic and it's not overly expensive. Make sure every member of your party is comfortable in the water, and don't force them if they're not, because it can be a little dangerous. With that said, make sure you go with a company and a guide.

Brewery or Distillery Bus Tour

Sample brews at all of your favorite breweries or distilleries and you don't even have to worry about a ride.

That's it! You all have common sense (e.g. don't drink and ride ATVs) and you already know where to find the casino, the adult entertainment, and the bro-bars. What are your thoughts? Do you have any bachelor party activities you'd like to add? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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