You've landed the first date. Now what?

We love to talk about romance here at Our Community Now. After all, everyone deserves a shot at love, right? (We even gave some tips on how to make a first date go right!) But now that you've scored the first date, you've gotta pick the right location – and we still stand by what was said in the previous article: keep the first date simple. Now, simple doesn't necessarily have to mean boring ... 

To help you out, we've found three places in and around the Denver metro area where you can go for an interesting first date without trying too hard or breaking the bank.

Enjoy some friendly competition at an arcade

One of the best places to have a first date is an arcade. You can enjoy the entertainment and win that sweetheart a prize. Arcades always have a variety of games for all skill levels, and Dave & Buster's is no exception to this. Any additional tokens you buy are divided into package sets so you will be able to figure out what amount works best for you. Even if you think arcades are a childish thing, showing someone that you're comfortable with your inner child shows that you aren't afraid to be yourself around others. So win your date a nice prize, okay? Dave & Buster's also has decent grilled food at reasonable prices if you're looking for some post-gaming cuisine. Plus, if you get certain menu items, you can get points on your game card at no additional cost.

There are also other awesome arcades in Denver you should check out, including The 1Up and Hyperspace Arcade, among others.

Get a newfound perspective at a museum

Some people might a visit to the museum is something for just middle and high schoolers on a field trip and not adults. However, a bit of culture and artistic viewpoints are great icebreakers into getting to know a person's inner thoughts. Keep in mind, there are also free days to get into the Denver Art Museum. The museum has such a variety of artwork its sure to please even the most critical of tastes. Let's hope the art on display evokes some feelings of love!

One of the upcoming attractions is the Claude Monet exhibit, which will come to the museum this fall. Tickets go on sale in June!

Be a kid for an evening and play bumper cars, mini-golf, and more

Adventure Golf and Raceway has two great fantasy mini-golf courses as well as go-karting, bumper cars, and a fun adult maze and playground. Sure, some may see this as a childish thing, and it probably is, but when you can loosen up and get comfy around a date by being yourself and having fun, the better you're off for it. Plus, this place is great for double dates, too!

Hopefully, one of these places works out for you and your date! Remember, having fun is half of the adventure when it comes to finding love.

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