Here are this season's oddest pumpkin spice products. You'll either really love them or really hate them. There is no in-between.

I like pumpkin spice. I do. Pumpkin-flavored coffees and teas and creamers can be super delicious within the context of October and November. And, of course, I infuse my home with pumpkin fragrance every autumn and liberally apply Bath and Body Works's newest pumpkin-scented lotion. But some things? I'm just not sure that the pumpkin spice was meant to be spread to everything. What do you think?

Lip Balm

[gallery columns="2" ids="5080,5079"] ChapStick and Burt's Bees have both released a limited edition pumpkin-flavored lip balm. I can get on board with this, personally, though I think I prefer the other holiday flavors like candy cane and cake batter. Bliss.

Personal Care

[gallery ids="5060,5076,5070"] Want to really commit to smelling like fall? Like, even in your armpits? Enter "Pits! Stick" pumpkin-scented deodorant. Also, the ladies won't be able to resist you after you've slathered all your facial hair in pumpkin spice stache wax and beard oil. Sexy. Miss.


[gallery ids="5073,5062,5065"] I tried the Cheerios, and they weren't bad -- just maybe a little heavy on the "spice" side of pumpkin spice. They tasted more clove-like than pumpkin. But if you like both breakfast cereal and the taste of fall, I'd give it a 10 out of 10. Bliss.

Pasta and Sauce

[gallery columns="2" ids="5059,5067"] Um, what? You can actually buy pumpkin spice fettuccine noodles on Amazon and then complement them with a nice pumpkin pasta sauce. I just can't wrap my head around this one. Miss.

Chips and Salsa

[gallery columns="2" ids="5061,5064"] Ah, Trader Joe's. Your Halloween party just wouldn't be complete without a big bowl of their pumpkin tortilla chips accompanied by some fall harvest salsa dip. I usually love Trader Joe's, but this is pushing too far. Miss.


[gallery ids="5072,5063,5071"] There are so many more pumpkin-infused snacks I could have included here, like Peeps and Pumpkin Spice Mallows. You get the gist. All the processed food manufacturers are just trying to get their slice of the (pumpkin spice) pie. Bliss.

Pet Products

[gallery ids="5068,5069,5066"] For those who love pumpkin so much that they want their pets to get in on the action, there are a variety of pumpkin pet products on the market. But apparently, pumpkin is actually really beneficial to the health of cats and dogs. Even so, this one's a miss.


[gallery ids="5081,5082,5078"] Pumpkin flavoring has even reached the alcohol market. My favorite? Pumpkin Spice Bailey's. Yum. Pure bliss.


[gallery ids="5077,5075,5074"] If you're a pumpkin aficionado, these specialty candies are a must-try before the season ends. Add them to your grocery list now. Bliss.
Do these products invoke bliss? Or are they a miss? What's the oddest pumpkin spice product you've ever seen (or tried)? We want to hear your thoughts, so weigh in below!
Featured image courtesy of The Atlantic.

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