Keep wishing upon those stars ... 'cuz dreams really do come true.

Specialty florist Roseshire is selling Disney-themed bouquets -- just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Each unique dream box features a scene from a favorite Disney film, as well as a matching rose bouquet (you choose one, two, or three dozen roses to go inside the box). There are eight different Disney boxes:  


Take your Valentine on a magic carpet ride. This gorgeous and simple set of hand-manicured, hand-arranged pink roses can be found here!

Alice in Wonderland

Head out on an adventure to Wonderland and collect this timeless bouquet for your Valentine -- just don't make the Mad Hatter angry. This set includes a gorgeous assortment of yellow, purple, and red roses -- check it out here!

Beauty and The Beast

This set of yellow and red-tinged roses is classically beautiful -- check it out here!


Toss that glass slipper aside and upgrade for this dazzling set of red roses (just $145-$285, depending on how many dozen you want!). Check it out here! (And we suggest that you give these to her in a horse- (or mouse-) drawn carriage!

The Little Mermaid

Be sure to "Kiss the Girl"! This gorgeous bouquet comes with two dozen elegant white and pink roses for just $175 -- check it out here!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Surprise your Valentine with this unique bouquet, which comes with one dozen classic red roses in a coffin-shaped box for $195 -- check it out here!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The gorgeous box depicts three different scenes from the movie surrounded by a gold tree separating each one. This set comes with two dozen white and red roses for $195 -- check it out here!

Disney Villians

You can't forget the villains; they need love, too! This gorgeous bouquet comes with two dozen purple and red roses for $175 -- check it out here

**All photos used are courtesy of Roseshire.

Note: There is a catch; some of these are sold out already, but keep an eye out or call Roseshire to see when more will be available. The bouquets are available year-round for purchase, so you can get them for any occasion. 

Would you splurge on this for your Valentine? Let us know in the comments below. 

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