To make Halloween extra spooky, we've compiled a list of scary novels that you need to crack open. Just make sure you're reading these with the lights on ...

I'll be honest. I am not a fan of horror movies, books, or basically anything related to the horror genre. Why I decided to write a post about scary novels, I've got no clue. But now I'm too far into this list and there's no turning back. So, without further ado, here are some terrifying novels that will be sure to deliver the thrills and chills this Halloween. Please note that the novels are in no particular order.

It by Stephen King

[caption id="attachment_25536" align="aligncenter" width="672"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Off The Shelf[/caption] You can't have a horror novel list without including the King of Horror himself, Stephen King. This terrifying classic is a must-read for any horror fan, especially around Halloween. Follow along with seven adults as they revisit their hometown to battle an evil force that lurks in the sewers and preys on the town's children. Only, this isn't the first time they've dealt with this monster ... If you're interested, check out my review of the latest film adaptation!

The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

[caption id="attachment_25544" align="aligncenter" width="305"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Amazon[/caption] In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into their new home on Long Island. And even though the parents knew of the horrific mass murder that took place in the house, they still bought the house. It's a gripping, nail-biting tale of a house possessed by dark spirits and the struggle one family endures to survive. The fact that this is based off true events makes it even scarier. So maybe keep the lights on while you're reading this?

The Shining by Stephen King

[caption id="attachment_25539" align="aligncenter" width="292"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Off The Shelf[/caption] One of King's most famous novels is The Shining, and for good reason. The novel is a riveting story of a man enslaved by his inner demons, a young boy plagued by his unique abilities, and a hotel determined to drive its inhabitants mad. The hotel is based on The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado -- a hotel with its own haunting history.

The Haunted by Robert Curran with Jack and Janet Smurl

[caption id="attachment_25540" align="aligncenter" width="600"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Kobo[/caption] Yet another novel based on true events. This novel recounts the events of famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were called in to help a family who were attacked by evil forces. And if this sounds familiar, it's because the films The Conjuring and Annabelle are based on the experiences of the Warrens.

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

[caption id="attachment_25541" align="aligncenter" width="308"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Amazon[/caption] Considered to be one of the most controversial books of all time, The Exorcist tells the story of a young girl who is possessed by a demonic force. It's up to her family and a couple of priests to snuff the demon out before it's too late. Not only is the novel an unforgettable experience, but the 1973 film is just as haunting.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

[caption id="attachment_25542" align="aligncenter" width="693"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Following The Nerd[/caption] If you're a lover of Christmas and all of its cheer, then I suggest you stay far away from this novel because it takes one of the happiest holidays of the season and twists it at its core. Written by the son of Stephen King, NOS4A2 (Nosferatu) is a thrilling tale of a woman who must save her son from a terrorizing, supernatural killer -- the same killer she barely escaped from as a teenager.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

[caption id="attachment_25533" align="aligncenter" width="617"]scary novels Photo courtesy of McMillan Library[/caption] Rather than rely on horror and gore, The Haunting of Hill House uses terror and unadulterated fear to send chills down your spine. The story follows three people as they aid a scientist by the name of Dr. Montague as he searches for paranormal activity in the eerie Hill House. It's a wild ride that will keep you on the edge the entire time. Shirley Jackson is said to have been one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century.

Hell House by Richard Matheson

[caption id="attachment_25534" align="aligncenter" width="683"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Amazon[/caption] If you're in need of a tense novel, look no further than Hell House. A dying millionaire hires three scientists to spend a week in a haunted house to prove (or disprove) the existence of an afterlife. The story builds, giving the reader just enough time to take a short breath before things escalate even further. To put it simply: it's downright creepy and unnerving.

Misery by Stephen King

[caption id="attachment_25538" align="aligncenter" width="672"]scary novels Photo courtesy of Off The Shelf[/caption] A psychological thriller at its finest. Misery, another novel written by Stephen King, is one that hits a little to close to home. Unlike It or The Shining, this one doesn't deal with supernatural beings. Instead, it relies on the gut-wrenching fear that this could happen in reality. Paul Sheldon is a bestselling novelist who finally meets his number one fan. The only problem is that she's more than just a little crazy -- she's obsessed to the brink of insanity. Which of the above scary novels is your favorite? Are there others we left out in our list that you believe should be included? Let us know in the comments below. Happy reading!
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