With this DIY "candy slide", your kids will be able to trick-or-treat from a safe distance away!

Halloween is heading our way, and the big question on everyone’s mind is, "How exactly is the whole trick-or-treat thing going to work this year?" Some municipalities are already coming up with alternatives, while others have gone ahead and announced bans on trick-or-treating.

The husband-and-wife team between the YouTube channel “Wicked Makers”, Jamie and Jay, came up with a pretty awesome solution for trick-or-treating. They created a "candy slide" that allows the candy to be passed out to kids from a safe distance of six feet away. The no-contact mechanism also doubles as a Halloween prop! 

They documented the building of the slide (below), and it's so creative! Check it out:

The “DIY Candy Slide” video has gotten over 160,000 views on the channel in just a week. It's a simple project that can be made as fancy or as simple as one likes after the basic construction. They offer free downloadable plans for the project, and just want to share their love of all things Halloween with the world. 

"Building DIY Halloween Props is our favorite thing to do all year so we weren't going to let a pandemic slow us down but we're also not ignoring that there's a need right now to slow the spread of the virus. Between Halloween masks and adequate social distancing, we hope this helps you stay safe this Halloween!" says the husband-and-wife duo.

This is one very cool and inexpensive way to keep that Halloween candy fun going this year and create some scary decorations you can reuse year after year. If you're looking for some more safe Halloween tips, we've got seven other ideas for you to check out!

Let us know in the comments what you think about this idea for socially distant trick-or-treating and share how you plan to celebrate Halloween with this year.