St. Michaels is everyone's favorite quaint and peaceful town on the Eastern Shore. Here are the attractions you absolutely can't miss!

St. Michaels is a picturesque town that anyone should mark down as a pit stop on their future road trip map! My friends and I recently visited, and we were taken aback by the scenery and all the interesting trimmings the town had to offer. There are plenty of unique shops, tasty eateries, and character galore! So, if St. Michaels sounds like utopia to you, here are some local attractions that'll make your time there even more memorable!

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

[caption id="attachment_9074" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (Facebook)[/caption] Where: 213 North Talbot Street Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-745-2916 Expand your knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay area by heading down to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum! You'll see floating historic boats and enjoy interactive exhibits on topics from Native American life to naval history -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

St. Michaels Museum

Where: 201 East Chestnut Street Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-745-9561 Take a walking tour of this charming little town with the St. Michaels Museum! The museum is also home to three historic buildings that contain interesting exhibits on different aspects of the town's history. You'll get your exercise, a history lesson, and a tour of this charming Eastern Shore gem all in one shot. Talk about a win-win!

St. Michaels Winery

[caption id="attachment_9075" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Courtesy of St. Michaels Winery (Facebook)[/caption] Where: 609 South Talbot Street Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-745-0808 Don't forget your corkscrews! The St. Michaels Winery offers delightful wine tastings with an extensive wine list to suit anyone's tastes! But it gets even better because if you grow attached to one of their wines, you can join their Wine Club and have your favorite wines shipped to your house! Have you been to St. Michaels before? What did you like the most about the town? Have you been to any of these attractions? What else do you recommend? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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