Stuck at home? Why not build a blanket fort!

Many parents in the world are scrambling right now to find ways to fill the days their child would normally be in a classroom and we have some help for you. Kids love forts, adults love forts, and when we are all stuck at home with hours to fill building a blanket fort can bring endless amounts of fun to the day. Setting it up as a secret hideout, a movie theater, a quiet space, a time machine, whatever and wherever the magic of imagination takes you. Blanket forts can become anything the inhabitant wants them to be adding to the appeal and magic of a good old-fashioned blanket fort.

What You WIll Need:

  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Couch cushions
  • Chairs
  • String/twine
  • Tape
  • Clothespins or other types of fasteners
  • Lights
  • Sleeping bags, mattress
  • Space
  • Whatever else you want to use
  • Imagination

Tips to Remember: 

  1. Pick a good space or make space – This is the first step and it really important because if you start building the fort in an inappropriate or too small area of space, it may not get to its full potential and might be a bit cramped inside. Move furniture out of the way and rearrange things. Keep in mind, you may want it to include a view of the television, or find a way to get power to one if you decide to move it inside the fort. Tablets are a great way to stream music, books, and movies and avoid tripping over cords, etc.
  2. Counterbalance – So what this means is to use lighter blankets or sheets for the top, heavier stuff on the top will weigh it down. If you put a weight on one side, you need to balance that on the other side, otherwise, the fort will be lopsided or may fall under the pressure. Also, heavier blanket hold in more heat and these spaces can get hot with all the body heat inside. Books are great for extra weight if needed.
  3. Supports on outside and inside – This one really applies when you are trying to make a big fort. Support from the outside might mean tying a string to the top blanket and then attaching it to a ceiling fan to light (KEEP THOSE TURNED OFF during fort time). A well-placed chair or table inside the fort may help. Tying or attaching blankets or fort materials to walls door frames, etc. will add to the stability of the structure. One cool trick is to run a clothesline across the room the uses it as the main support from the outside or as a support for an open front—lots of possibilities here.
  4. Fasteners – You will need these if you want the fort to last more than five minutes, trust us. It’s okay to get creative here too, grab what you have. Clothespins, tape, duct tape, robe belts, regular belts, chip bag clips, magnets, string, pillowcases, twine, rubber bands, hair ties, etc. you never know what can be a faster until you start looking.
  5. Lots of blankets – Seriously, you need a LOT of blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, beach towels, whatever you use you need to use a lot. For starters, you need enough to build the fort, and you need soft stuff for the floor. Forts are great for spreading out in and reading, listing to music, watching a movie, having a tea-party, hiding from your brother, whatever it’s used for it needs to be super comfy, and the floor isn’t exactly soft and comfortable.
  6. Pillows – Pillows serve many purposes in a blanket fort. First, they add to the comfy factor. Secondly, they can fill in any open areas near the floor or on chairs, etc. to keep the light out and the fort magic in. Also, they are a necessary element of pillow fights, which often happen inside blanket forts.
  7. Make It Fancy – This fort is your happy place and it deserves to be beautiful. Don’t be afraid to add twinkle lights, bring in a strobe light, add some flowers, give it some bling. Whatever you want to add to make it uniquely yours, go for it—this is a blank canvas, and you are its Picasso.
  8. Use Everything – We strongly believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right, and when blanket forts are concerned, that means using everything at your disposal. Hang blankets off the couch, use the kitchen chairs, move the bookcase, use the wall, commit to the fact that you are building this amazing fort, and let yourself see the possibilities that surround you.
  9. Have Fun! – Have fun when you build it, have fun when you are in it, have fun when you destroy it. Blanket forts are all about fun, so keep it light, share the space, and just enjoy the fact that you are chilling in a blanket fort.

Did you know there are real-life blanket fort building competitions for both adults and kids? What is your favorite way to build a blanket fort? DO you have any cool ideas to add to our tips? We want to see what kinds of awesome forts you build, so share any pictures in the comments.