As we are all aware, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down on Wednesday, March 13. 

The most common issues included having trouble logging in, commenting on posts, updating statuses, and posting or sending photos via messenger. 

While some people hardly noticed the social media outage, some frustrated users went so far as to call the police (who kindly asked people to stop calling in), and others took to Twitter -- which was still up and running -- to express their concerns and consult with others. As expected, people had a field day, and it became a trending hashtag on March 13.

Here is how Twitter handled the shutdown. 

Of course, when people started noticing, they headed straight to Twitter to check and see if it was really true! 

Several users re-created the jealous boyfriend meme: 


Some felt left out and alone. 

Author Suzan Tisdale had people working together, offering suggestions that the outage was due to hackers, aliens, or the Illuminati.  

These two Twitter users have good points! #talkingtopeopleisgood

Cellphones are useless now ... 

The most popular Tweet is pretty genius.

It seems that everyone had the same reaction ... 

Courtesy of Reddit

Want more? Actor Josh Peck posted a whole string of Twitter jokes. Check them out here!

Did you experience an outage for the day? Was it working for you? Did we miss any of your favorite Tweets? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

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