Who knew print would suddenly become so stylish?

We’ve always loved a good print, but recently there has been an explosion of print patterns on the runway! Now, you don’t have to wear them in the over-the-top way that we see on the catwalk, but you can certainly incorporate them into your everyday outfits and still look equally as stylish -- and much less crazy.

Here are the five print trends to try this fall! 

Polka Dot

You may have thought that a polka dot print was something your little niece would wear, but never a grown-up, sophisticated woman like you, right? Well, fashion has proven that when done properly, polka dot can indeed look really amazing on sophisticated women. To avoid looking overly prissy and feminine, pick up a nice silk button-down in a black and white polka dot print and tuck it into some high-waisted cigarette pants with classic pumps for the office, or a leather mini skirt and boots for a night out. 


Courtesy of trendscontrol.com

Animal Print

Animal print is just fun, isn’t it? And there are so many ways you can style this print, depending on the mood you’re going for. If you’ve got a big, extravagant birthday to go to this fall, pick out a bold cheetah print dress and pair it with tights, boots, and a leather jacket to balance it out. Or if you prefer to display your animal print every day, grab a coat in this print. Not that aggressive? Test out this trend with a belt, bag, or shoe.


Courtesy of refinery29.com


Pretty much anything metallic is trendy -- from a button-down shirt you would wear to the office, to a full-on sequined metallic mini dress. Metallic feels so futuristic and sleek, so make sure you style this print with cool, aloof, and chic pieces. If you like to experiment with fashion, try on a pair of metallic pants for size and tone down the rest of the look with classic basics. Or if you like to play it safe, stick to just some metallic accessories. You really can’t go wrong with those. 


Courtesy of gorgeautiful.com

Tailored Plaid

This trend is not just reserved for the conservative business person anymore. The key to make plaid work, however, is to make sure it’s tailored. Don’t be afraid to wear a plaid two-piece lady suit. Just make sure everything hits in all the right places. And for the weekend, incorporate two trends at once -- plaid and overalls. Yes, it is basically the '90s again. Layer a long-sleeved shirt underneath your overall dress, jumper, or romper (whatever you prefer), and you’re all set for the season. 

Courtesy of lookastic.com

Red and Pink Together

We know, we know -- you’re going to tell us that those two colors clash. And we might have agreed at one point, but now clashing is kind of in. Pairing red and pink together kind of gives off that effortless vibe. Style a soft pink blouse with a red pencil skirt. Add red or pink pumps if you dare. Or sport a pink dress and add a red belt. And trust us, if you look like you’re crazy-clashing, you’ll know. Just make sure to check yourself out in the mirror first, before you leave the house. 

Courtesy of pamscalfi.com

And if you’re still in the summer mood, your warm clothes can work for fall, too. Find out how, here. 

What is your favorite trendy fashion print right now, and how would you style it? Share with us in the comments below!