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Finding an open space that's safe for dogs and enjoyable for the family can be difficult. We've found the best dog parks around Parker for you and Fido!

There are lots of factors that go into choosing the best dog parks for you and your canine companion. You have to consider traffic to the area, safety, other critters that may be around, security to prevent your dog from running away, and *ahem* cleanliness and upkeep. We partnered with the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center to find the best dog parks and dog-friendly open spaces around Parker!

Cherry Creek State Park

[gallery size="large" ids="21328,21329,21330,21331" orderby="rand"] To put this one simply, one visitor describes the Cherry Creek State Park Off-Leash Dog Area as "Heaven on Earth for dogs and families!" The dog area at this park has well-landscaped water features to prevent erosion and protect your pooches. There's also sand instead of dirt, so your pup can play without getting muddy! There's a nice long walk (about an hour) that loops back to the parking lot, giving your pup time to dry off before the drive home. The only downside here is that the park gets very busy on the weekends, so if your dog is shy or aggressive and doesn't handle crowded spaces well, this may be one to stay away from on the busy days.

Glendale Open Space

[gallery size="large" ids="21332,21333,21334,21335" orderby="rand"] Any list of the best dog parks in the area has to include Glendale. The park is HUGE and completely fenced, giving your dog plenty of space to run around and explore. It's not so big that you have to panic every time they run over a hill and out of view. The majority of the people who go to this park are friendly and most of the dogs are very well-behaved, with a few incredibly rare exceptions. There's a fun obstacle course at the top of the hill for dogs that enjoy that sort of thing. This one does also get busy on the weekends, so be aware of your dog's comfort level and be ready to leave if they start to get stressed.

David M. Sonka Dog Park

[gallery size="large" ids="21336,21337,21338,21339" orderby="rand"] This is a relatively new dog park, and it's already made quite the impression! One very unique feature of this park is that they have a "big dog" side and a "small dog" side of the park which are separated. This can allow for better prevention of confrontations between big and small dogs. Because it's new the grass is still coming in, so right now you can expect mostly dirt in most areas of the park. That said, it's very well-designed and has some agility pieces set up for your dog to enjoy.

Lowry Dog Park

[gallery size="large" ids="21340,21341,21342,21343" orderby="rand"] This park is smaller than nearby Stapleton Park, but it's also much less busy. This also means there are fewer owners not watching their dogs, so you and your pooch are safer. They also have a separate area for low-energy dogs, so your older pal won't be bombarded with puppies trying to play. There are a few considerations to take when going to this park. First, it is a bit of a hike to get from the parking area to the actual park. This is fine for dogs with lots of energy, but can be challenging for smaller or lower-energy pups. Regular visitors report that the dogs here are well-behaved, the owners are friendly, and the area is clean and well-maintained. Definitely a must-visit!

Chatfield Dog Park

[gallery size="large" ids="21344,21345,21346,21347" orderby="rand"] Here you'll find nearly 70 acres of fenced-in play space for your pup, complete with hills to run down, trees to sniff around, and ponds to splash in. Basically, it's doggie heaven! Like all good parks, this one gets pretty busy on the weekends, so be sure to get there early or wait for the rush to die down. To help cut down on the traffic and prevent clogging this park has two entrances, one off Wadsworth and one off Santa Fe. The dogs here are generally respectful, and the owners are friendly and generally clean up after their pups. If it's space you're looking for, this really is the best park around. Your pet's safety is the most important part of choosing a dog park to take them to. Knowing that your pet's health is in good hands is the most important part of choosing a veterinarian! At Animal Emergency and Specialty Center, you can rest easy knowing that your fluffy friend is in the care of a team that recognizes that pets are a part of the family. If it's quality care from people who really care that you want, then Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is the vet for you.
What's your favorite dog park in the area? Why do you love it so much? Tell us about it in the comments below!