Whether you're studying, teleworking, or working on your side hustle, these places in the DMV will help you be at your most productive.

Now that we've reached the midpoint of September, school is back in session and the long vacations of summer are over. Offices are teeming with people, and you need to get back your productivity in a peaceful environment. These are some of the best places to help you get your projects finished.

Library of Congress

[caption id="attachment_4154" align="aligncenter" width="300"]places Library of Congress[/caption] The national library of the United States, the Library of Congress, is like stepping into a picture. While this is also a museum of sorts, most people don't realize you can also study and work here! This is a research library, so take advantage of the librarians and the hundreds of thousands of documents and books in the library. It is just as quiet as a standard library, and there's even a hidden Dunkin' Donuts here! There are small study rooms and tables for you to work at.

A Baked Joint

places Sometimes nothing beats working in a coffee shop. Breakfast is served here all day long, and the comforting aroma of coffee is always lingering in the air. This would be the perfect place to telework on those chilly Friday mornings. Pop in your headphones, get a fresh cup of coffee, and start typing. This is not a distracting environment, and you'll most likely find yourself working alongside others.

Politics and Prose

[caption id="attachment_4156" align="aligncenter" width="693"]places Politics & Prose[/caption] This D.C. institution is known for its speakers and events, but this place also has some of the best studying nooks! Check out the calendar of events before you decide you need a quiet space. This bookstore also has a restaurant attached so you can grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, and even a drink after you've finished your work!


[caption id="attachment_4157" align="aligncenter" width="400"]places Kramerbooks [/caption] Another favorite hotspot here in D.C., Kramerbooks has so many cozy spots to be productive. Get yourself comfortable between a stack of books and then work away! There's a cafe inside of the bookstore as well with some light food, coffee, and drinks to help you get through your work.
What's your favorite place to buckle down and get some work done? Tell us in the comments!

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