In the short list of jobs I think would be fun, I have to say the following: floral delivery (everybody's always happy to receive flowers!), driving an ice cream truck (I mean, right?), and my newest discovery -- riding the Denver Public Library's Wheelie the Book Bike!

You may have seen Wheelie the Book Bike around town before. And if not, you know you're going to be on the lookout for it now. Wheelie the Book Bike is part of the Denver Public Library's initiative to expand the typical reach of the library and "provide vibrant library service no matter how remote our path takes us." And boy, do they!

The bright blue bike and trailer combo totes a collection of favorite books around the Denver community, and those lucky enough to cross its path can check out those books if they want -- or even sign up for a library card, if they need to! 

"This mobile library sparks the imagination wherever it rolls, bringing together bike enthusiasts, library boosters, and lovers of the fantastic; Wheelie has something to offer everyone!" the DPS website states. "...Kids love the magic, library fans love the surprise encounter with a favorite community asset, and a new generation of library users are energized when we meet them where they are.​​​​​​"

From festivals and community events to schools and busy crossroads, Wheelie finds purpose in bringing library services to the people, even in the middle of their busy day-to-day lives.

But Wheelie doesn't have to do it ALL on his own. No, his two friends -- the Reading Rocket Bookmobiles -- take books and library services to schools and senior living centers all over the city. And anywhere they're parked, people of all ages are welcome aboard to browse the current book selection. They're like food trucks -- but with books!

Want to know where you can find Wheelie or one of the Reading Rocket Bookmobiles? Reading Rocket No. 1's schedule is found here, while Reading Rocket No. 2's schedule is available here. Also, you can follow them on Facebook! To see which events Wheelie is scheduled for, click here. But also keep your eyes peeled as he can literally show up anywhere, anytime!

Have you seen any of these friendly mobile libraries around the city? What's the most unlikely place you've come across one of them? Tell us in the comments below!

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