"Crap like this is why the aliens won't talk to us." - Twitter

It may sound like the biggest trick instead of treat of all time, but yep, there is really a petition out there on Change.org calling for the President to declare that Halloween falls on the last Saturday of October. According to the petition, it was started three months ago and has gained over 11,000 supporters as of Friday. Most of them are parents who don’t want to deal with sugar-hungover kids on a school day, as well as adults who don’t want to be hungover-hungover on a workday.

Who is to blame for this chilling call for change? Why, the Halloween & Costume Association, of course. The non-profit organization represents the costume and Halloween industries, and it is either a tradition-hater or a genius marketer (or both).

The argument for the change is safety and convenience for families and kids. The thought is kids wouldn't have to trick-or-treat after school, in the dark, and parents wouldn't have to deal with kids the next day. Not to mention adults, but only those with weekends off, could recuperate at home instead of stumbling into work looking more dead than the zombie they dressed up as.

“It's time for a Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration!” the petition states.  Of course, it doesn’t state the obvious -- that it would create a full weekend every year for Halloween vendors to make more money -- but I digress.

Those against this haunting proposal are calling for tradition to be respected, as Halloween is based on the Celtic tradition of Samhain mixed with Christian holidays and baked to modern day fun times.

However, it doesn’t really matter why people are for or against it. What really matters are the comments being left on the interwebs about it. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of arguers and people with strong opinions. Shocking, I know.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much greatness written by those who support the change. Everyone was boringly logical.

One petition-signer wrote: "It makes sense period." (very convincing argument … not).

Another said, “Safer for the children and less stress on the parents.” Fair enough.

And, yet another: “Why not lol I enjoy Saturdays.” This is one of those partying adults, I’d wager.

But I have to say, it is the boo-sayers of this petition that have the best responses across social media thus far.

“Don't give the dead a choice to come back early. The gates are to open at 11:50 sharp. Got it?” said one Facebook user.

“OMG did you eat paint chips as a kid,” said another.

“No, every other generation went to Halloween parties and had to suffer through hangovers at work the next day, so why should anyone else get a break?”

“Hey It would be more convenient if Friday was at the beginning of the week.... can we move it, too?”

Twitter also didn’t disappoint:

 “I don’t want kids ringing my doorbell every year ruining my Saturday night.” Amen.

“Oh please. I think you should move it right up your a$$.”

And finally, “Crap like this is why the aliens won't talk to us.” Well said, Lizzie on Twitter. Well, said. 

How about you? Some are all for a yearly Halloweekend, some are booing the whole thing. What’s your take? Let us know in the comments below.

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