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Human doctors recommend that we get wellness checks annually. For our furry children, it is even more important. Why? Our pets age much faster than we do.

wellness checks Did you know your dog or cat is a human equivalent of 7-9 years in age on their first birthday? Yes, the difference in aging between our pets and us is amazing. With the huge differences in pet and human aging, it becomes so much more important for our pets to stay up to date on their annual wellness checks. You certainly wouldn’t go 10 or more years without a physical, so we need to be aware of these dramatic aging differences and get our furry friends to the vet for wellness checks once a year.
Here are some key reasons to stay up to date on annual wellness checks:

Early Detection

wellness checks The key to a long and healthy life for our pets is early detection. When health issues are discovered in their early stages, the treatment options are greater and the probability for a cure is significantly higher. Every vet can tell you stories of how cancer, heart disease or other serious health issues were found early at an annual checkup. Many times your pet can be acting normally even when something is wrong, because animals are stoic and often do not show symptoms until a disease is very advanced.

Dental Disease

It is estimated that 85 percent of dogs and cats over 3 years old have some type of dental disease. Untreated, this can lead to systemic illness due to chronic infection. It is so much better to check this early, rather than risk a bad infection.

Checking the Heart

wellness checks Again, with the rapid aging that our furry children go through, it is important to check their heart once a year for heart abnormalities, such as murmurs. If these minor concerns are caught early on, you and your veterinarian can work together to protect your furry friend from more serious heart concerns later on.


Internal parasites, some of which could be transmitted to humans, can pose a risk to your pet's health. They can be acquired without you knowing it and don’t always produce noticeable symptoms. The only way to really know for certain that your pet has picked up a parasite is to get a stool sample examined by your vet at least once a year, and then get any necessary treatment.


wellness checks If you were not feeling well, you’d be able to tell someone about it. Since our pets can’t talk (at least, most of them can't), it’s important to visit your vet for a checkup. You can discuss your pet’s behavior, appetite and other observations of odd behavior. That along with a thorough physical examination of your pet will allow your vet to make recommendations and to keep them as healthy as possible.

Advances in Veterinary Medicine

Just like in human medicine, there are frequent advances in veterinary medicine and these advances are coming at an accelerating rate for both diagnosis and treatments. Annual wellness checks are your chance to discuss your pet’s health with your vet, including wellness items such as their diet, vaccinations, changing behavior and other abnormalities.  Your pet’s annual veterinary exam is a small investment of time, effort and money that will more than pay for itself in better health and a longer life for your furry child. The folks at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines are as dedicated to your pet's health as you are! Make an appointment with them today and get a free wellness exam the first time you bring in your pet!

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