Have a few million to spend on a new home? Here are the most expensive, multi-million dollar Colorado homes for sale this summer.

Colorado's population is growing rapidly and all of those transplants need somewhere to live. As a result, new home and apartment construction is taking place all over the state to meet this demand. My wife and I are looking to buy a home in the next year, which means we've spent most of our time on Zillow. That got us thinking. If we had an unlimited budget, what could we buy? Have you ever felt like you're getting priced out of the Denver metro area? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet... Here are some of the most expensive houses for in Colorado during the Summer of 2017 and why you should start selling your organs to be able to afford one.

Front Range

Yea, if I had tens of millions to drop on a house, I wouldn't really care about the commute. At that point, I'd probably have my own helicopter. But if you're looking to stay in the Front Range, here are your most expensive options.

Englewood, CO $22 million

Colorado homes This house boasts six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and over 32,250 square feet of living space. That includes the property's "guesthouse," which has two bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house includes extravagant marble floors, golden chandeliers, a full work-out room, two-lane bowling alley, virtual golf system, and wine cellar. While the listing admits that the property is pretty "OVER THE TOP" and "grand in scale," the seller wants you know that it is "also a home for family and friends to comfortably share life and love." Honestly, if you had asked me when I first saw this listing, I'd say that 13 bathrooms is a little overkill. But then again, with 32,254 square feet, thirteen might actually be the perfect number. Think about it: no one wants to have to run a 5k through the house just to use the bathroom. If I was going to drop $22 million on an estate sprawling 3.88 acres, I would expect there to be a bathroom around every corner. That's how you know you've made it... Don't worry, Zillow estimates that a mortgage would only set you back $85,000 a month.

Longmont, Colorado $22.2 million

Colorado homes Have you ever shopped for a home and said to yourself, "do you know what this house is missing? A 118-acre polo field." If that thought has ever crossed your mind, this is your lucky day. For just $22,200,000, this majestic estate can be yours. The house itself has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms across more than 13,000 square feet of living space. In addition to the main house, the property also includes a guest house and horse barn. The listing calls it an "Equestrian Barn," but let's not get crazy with the thesaurus... While it is not the largest home on our list, the acreage more than makes up for it. Formally known as "Ashlawn," the Zillow listing describes it as "the finest residential and recreational estate and polo farm offered for sale on Colorado's Front Range." While that may be a small niche, the owners have definitely dominated it. Terrified of horses? No problem. If polo isn't your thing, the house includes a state of the art home theater, a bar/pool room, and what the real estate agent describes as a "highly-secure flight simulator." Not sure what that exactly is, but it sounds awesome.


I wasn't sure what I'd find when I sorted Colorado's mountain home by "Most Expensive," but the results even surprised me. The homes available up in the mountains make those last two homes look like Section 8.

Edwards, Colorado $33 million

Colorado homes Let's be real. If you're going to drop a couple million on a house, wouldn't you want the house itself to be art? Wouldn't that be a double investment? This estate in Edwards, Colorado is being listed by DouglasElliman and boasts seven bedrooms and nine and a half baths, with just under 12,000 square feet of living space. The home was designed by world-renowned architect Annabelle Selldorf. While she's no Frank Loyd Wright, the house does draw significant influence from "Falling Water." The house sits on over 100 acres of land. If you think that might make you feel a little cramped, the owner is willing to throw two additional 35-acre parcels for $3.5 million each. If you get tired of looking at the mountains, the property includes many other features to help you pass the time. There is a barn with an attached guest house, a gym, a ruined barn (in case you like looking at decrepit buildings, too), a greenhouse, and even a chicken coop.

Aspen, Colorado $50 million

Colorado homes Okay, enough with the honorable mentions. It's time for the mack-daddy of all Colorado houses. Ever dream of owning ski-in/ski-out home in Colorado but refuse to pay anything less than $50 million for it? If so, read on... The main home of this estate is 15,664 square feet and includes seven bedrooms, three whole bathrooms, and three half bathrooms. The property also includes a 2,000 square foot "caretaker house." If you have a servant but he or she demands three full bedrooms all to herself, then this is definitely the property for you. On top of that, the 61-acre property also has a 7,000 square foot barn that doubles as a vehicle repair garage. As if that wasn't enough, the parcel has its own private ski run. Honestly, I wasn't even going to include this house for fear that someone would steal it out from under me. But after conferring with my accountant, I learned that this home is unfortunately more than $49.7 million over my budget. Alas, my loss can be your gain...
Images courtesy Zillow.com

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