Pinterest is the perfect place to find projects, inspiration, recipes, and more. Every year, they share their top trends with the world in one convenient list.

Released each December, the Pinterest 100 is a list of the top trending searches on the platform. If you've ever wondered what everyone is so busy pinning, here you go!

Travel Trends

Hot springs, castles, and quiet islands are all gaining traction on the vacation front. Surprisingly, people are starting to explore bus travel and bike tours as well. One of the hottest trends is eco-tourism, with zero-waste travel tips like sustainable resorts, minimalist packing lists, and farm-to-table eateries.

Pin-worthy Food

Bread recipes are making a major splash in the Pinterest world, as are oat milk, mushrooms, and homemade jam. Looking for a recipe for a foil pack dinner? You're not alone!

Beauty Trends

Believe it or not, people are embracing the gray! Forget covering it up, most people are searching for ways to go gray gracefully. Lilac hair, almond-shaped nails, and using witch hazel as a facial toner are also hot right now.

Hot Home Decor

Wondering what people are using to spruce up their walls for 2019? Textile arts were particularly hot this year, along with cacti and vertical gardens. Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb; fireplaces are also quite the thing.

The entire list, including links to some of the most popular pins, can be found here.

What are your thoughts on the Pinterest 100? Are you a big pinner? Let us know in the comments!