So. Much. Cuteness.

An African Sulcata Tortoise that goes by the name Crouton has captured the hearts of many animal lovers in these adorable pictures with his friends. 

Crouton is a rather large African Sulcata Tortoise that was rescued by the nonprofit animal rescue group and animal home Rocky Ridge Refuge in Gassville, Arkansas. When he was found back in 2012, he was a little guy, alone and orphaned. Once he settled in at the refuge, Crouton made fast friends with some of the other residents. He quickly cuddled up with all sorts of other creatures—he really seems to get along well with dogs but isn't picky—and will share a snack with anyone.

dog and turtle
Courtesy of the Rocky Ridge Refuge (Facebook)

turtle eating watermelon
Courtesy of the Rocky Ridge Refuge (Facebook)

Crouton the turtle
Courtesy of the Rocky Ridge Refuge (Facebook)

turtle and farm animals
Courtesy of the Rocky Ridge Refuge (Facebook)

Rocky Ridge Refuge was home to another famous animal by the name of Lurch. Lurch was an African Watusi steer who lived at the refuge from the age of five weeks and stayed there for the rest of his life. Lurch was an international celebrity due to his extremely large horns—larger horns than a normal Watusi steer should have.

Lurch a steer
Courtesy of the Rocky Ridge Refuge

Lurch was awarded the world record in 2003 for the largest horn circumference on a steer, measuring at 37.5 inches—a record he would later break, again. Sadly, Lurch passed on in 2010, but he still holds the world record and the hearts of those at the refuge. 

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