You can get bubble tents on Amazon, starting at $399.

As restaurants transition into colder months, they're finding creative ways to continue serving customers while following social distancing and safety guidelines due to COVID-19. This giant bubble has been one solution for many restaurants because of the warmth it provides, as well as isolation from other diners.

But there's no reason why you can't enjoy hanging out in a giant bubble in your everyday life, right? These huge bubble tents from brand Alvantor come in a variety of different sizing options, allowing you to find the right one for your needs, whether it be an outing to the beach, a camping trip, or an attempt to accommodate a large group. Even if you're just hanging out in your backyard, these bubble tents will help keep the warm air in and other nuisances (like bugs, raindrops, and allergens) out.

bubble tents

Buy Your Bubble Tent on Amazon

The tents are available on Amazon, and they range anywhere from $399.99 to $749.99, depending on the size you need. With larger bubble tents, you can set up a table and chairs, or an air mattress. During the colder months, you can even bring in a portable heater to help trap in some hot air. If you're using the bubble tent during the daytime, the sun's heat will automatically get trapped inside the bubble creating a greenhouse effect, warming you enough that you might even find yourself shedding layers.

While they might look a little silly, these bubble tents are becoming quite the hit. Of 200 reviews on Amazon, there is a satisfactory 4.1- out of 5-star rating among customers. Could this be the newest addition to your patio? Let us know what you think about the bubble tent in the comments section below!