From our lovely contributors at This Mom S**t Is HARD! Grandparents play a significant role in kids' lives. Here are some reminders ...

Dear Future Nana Me,

I think about my grandmas fairly often. My dear Nanny, my Da-Da and Jeannie, three very different, but equally amazing women whose lives we were blessed to be a part of. Three women who were a part of the village that raised me. Three women who in part shaped this momma, this wife, this friend, this woman.

It’s not just on Grandparents Day, that I think about my grandmothers, it happens any old day when something hits home. And I’m taking notes, lots of them. Notes about the good, the bad and the ugly, notes about things I love and things I don’t. Turns out those notes aren’t just about my grandmothers, but also the grandmothers and grandfathers my kids have (and no longer have) and the grandmother I someday will be. So listen up Future Nana Me, here are a few of the things I want us to remember when we’re blessed with that job title….

Be a part of the village. All three of my grandmothers were around, around a lot it seems, and we loved it! It seems so obvious that we will be a part of the village, don’t forget to enjoy it. Remember how our kids eyes light up when they get to hang out with their grandmothers. And let’s not forget that motherhood is a full time job that never ends and let’s remember how much we love these breaks. And need the help. No doubt our kids will likely need it someday too.

Offer to take the kids…often. Being a young(ish) Mom means there’s a chance we’ll be a young(ish) Nana. A Nana who will probably still be embroiled in our life. But let’s remember how great these breaks from our boys are, how great those vacations without the kids are. Let’s make sure we offer to take those kids, and do it often.

Grandma with grandson on lap

Get down on the floor and play. Well into her eighties my grandmother got down on the ground and played with the kids. Originally it was us and then she did it with her great-grandson. You know what, they both benefited from it. Let’s do that.

Read, read, read. We love to read. And we love to read with our kids, but there’s never enough time ... 

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