Need a spooky Halloween playlist? NASA's gotchu.

If you want to shake up your Halloween listening, ditch “Monster Mash” and try out some of the sounds in this link

NASA has created a playlist made up of light, radio, and radiation waves converted into soundwaves called "Spooky Sounds from Across the Solar System." These eerie echoes range from radio waves bouncing around our own atmosphere to light waves curving around distant stars. 

While perhaps not the most pleasant thing to listen to, Spooky Sounds does offer an interesting look into our dark, vast, mysterious universe.  Take the 14th recording on the playlist, titled “Chorus Radio Waves Within Earth's Atmosphere.” It sounds like something right out of the original Star Trek series. Elongated, looping beeps and only slight background static start off the 30-second track. Then about halfway through, the static comes to the forefront of the recording, and the familiar beeps fade away, leaving a spooky, almost lonely feeling.

The track titled “Plasmaspheric Hiss” has none of the familiar sounds of “Chorus Radio.” The single track that is truly scary, “Hiss” shows the totality of the emptiness of space. The 12-second track begins with a whooshing sound, as if an airlock on some sci-fi spaceship has been opened. The spookiness builds as the sound changes to what can only be called a raspy, aching breathing noise as the track ends.

And "Whistler Waves"? Sounds just like lasers.

Give the whole playlist a listen.  The 30 tracks are all short, and some are more than a little creepy. And beyond the scare factor, these spooky sounds from across the solar system give an enlightening view of our vast universe. 

Tell us your favorites in the comments!